Web Scraping Services

Entropy Web Scraping provides straight-forward web scraping services to satisfy your data requirements.

Our web scraping experts can provide web scraping services for companies, startups, and personal projects.

Let us transform any website into structured and valuable data!


Did we mention it is straight-forward?

We have a simple process:

  1. Firstly, you will only have to point to the website in which your data needs to be extracted.
  2. Secondly, you need to give us an idea what data needs to be extracted from the website.
  3. Finally, you can expect your data requirements fulfilled in a short time period with no hassles!

You can request a quote to see how Entropy Web Scraping can help your business with our web scraping services.


 web scraping services


Want Web Scraping Services? Get in touch!

We cut through the complexity of web scraping, web crawling, and data extraction.

We also provide other services to increase the value of your web scraped data, such as data cleansing, data blending, and data enrichment.

Your data will be delivered to you in any format you need.

If you need a live data feed set up, that is something that we can also deliver.

We have a straight-forward approach and will not try and confuse you with jargon.

Get in touch to see how Entropy Web Scraping can help your business with our straight-forward web scraping services.


Why use our web scraping services?

There are many reasons why you should use us as your web scraping company

  • We are a professional web scraping service that is focussed on delivering your web extracted data.
  • Whatever your business objective, we can get the extracted and cleaned data to you.
  • We will not confuse you with technical jargon, just let us know what data you need and we will sort out the rest!
  • Transparent pricing – see for yourself!
  • Our solutions scale quickly. Whether you need a custom one-time data extraction completed or an enterprise solution, we can handle it!
  • You can receive your data in any format that you like


How Can We Help Your Business?

Web scraping can be a useful addition to any business. Think of our web scraping services as having the ability to obtain any data that your business wants

Lead Generation

Perhaps your business want to generate more leads? We can gather leads from any website that you point us to. We can help you search for new customers for your sales pipeline.

Market Analysis

We can help you analyze any market. Whether you require market analysis on real estate or the employment market, we can obtain an entire data set of any market you can think of.

Competitive Analysis

Want to know what you competitors are up to? We can provide you information on their prices, products, and reviews.


Whether it is academic, SEO, scientific, or research for journalism, we can provide you with any research data that you require.

Value Add Services

At Entropy Web Scraping, we are intent on giving you valuable data. The story does not end after we have extracted your data from the web.

  • We can cleanse your data to ensure that your data is clean and ready for analysis.
  • Entropy Web Scraping can enrich your data with other data sources, for example, with our geotagging service
  • If you have multiple data sources, we can also blend you data sources together. Imagine having multiple websites blended together into one useful data source!

Data as a Service

We can provide any data that you require as a service. You just need to give us the URL of the required website, and we can extract the data based on your desired frequency.

There are many options as to what we do with the data once it is scraped.

  1. We can store wherever you like! For example, if you have an Amazon Web Service S3 Bucket, we can scrape, clean and store it directly into your bucket.
  2. If you need real-time access to your data, we can build a REST API where your data will always be accessible through a URL in JSON format.

Here is an example of a website that we have built to show how scraped data can be used in a job aggregation site. It is a website that focuses on the job market for banks in Australia. As soon as we scrape the data it is cleaned and processed, available to be consumed by the website.

Front End Website to Consume Data

At Entropy Web Scraping, we can also build simple, 1-page websites to help consume and visualize the data that you need. Using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, we can deploy simple web applications to show your web scraped data.